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"Babies Or Adults?", See These Funny Pictures Of Babies That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Babies are young human being, especially those that need constant care or attention. They are adorable creations made by God. Babies are best known for their cuteness and innocence, the fascinating look of babies make you stare at one for days. Check out the pictures of some cute babies:

 Aside from God, mothers are also the creators of babies. It is such a difficult task to carry one in your womb for nine months. Imagine the pain mothers do face before finally birthing a baby. No wonder children do have a very strong affection for their mother. May God grant long life to every parents in the world. 

 The body of a baby is expected to be soft, and its face to be small in size, very young and immature. The young face of a creation will make you know if its a baby or not. Therefore, the cuteness and softness of a child's face will determine whether its a baby or not. This is because there are some adults with the stature of a baby, these adults are referred to as "DWARVES". A dwarf is a person of short stature, often whose limbs are disproportionately small in relation to the body as compared with normal adults, usually as a result of genetic condition. 

 But I saw some pictures on social media and I decided to share it here, see the pictures below and tell me if they are babies or adults:

Did you laugh after seeing these pictures? Now answer me:

"Are they babies or adults?"

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