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A Compilations Of The Funniest Avengers Memes You Could Ever Find On The Internet.

After Thanos removed a huge pimple from your boyfriend's forehead which suddenly Killed him. "You took the pimple from me"

Well are you groot tho? Is your crush Scarlet Witch, and is your dad Thanks and is your mom Hela. How can Black Widow be your sister and Thor and Captain America be your uncles and possibly hulk be your bro and then Bukky be your crush ex and at the end you being a baby groot?

Well I hope you guys watch End Game if not you will not understand almoat any meme here.

Well the fact that Loki died several times And yet we still see him in new movies is so questioning, we know Thanos killed him but then we saw him disappear in End Game.

According to Falcon (which is obviously the next meme ahead) this is the clear difference between a sorcerer and a w wizard.

A wizard has a hat but a sorcerer don't. I mean did he really watch Harry Potter?

So here is the convo between Bukky and Falcon.

Bukky: They are no wizards.

Falcon: Doctor Strange.

Bukky: a sorcerer.

Falcon: A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat.

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