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32 of the funniest memes

With the way the situation of the country is currently, everyone seems to be in the edge, stressed and angry. And like the popular saying goes “problem never ends”, But on a lighter thought, here are 32 funny memes that would lighten your mood and have a good laugh at the end.

We all know how the current presidential tenure is going, we will obviously need someone to please eat the rest of the tenure, and I think we have found her.

To be honest, with the high cost of living, every thing is just too expensive Abeg. To even see period is expensive

I am sure you all remember Davido’s lyrics where he said ‘if I ever leave o, make water carry me Dey go far away’. I think it’s about to happen lol.

we all have that one Child in our family who never wants to go to school, except dragged by force.

some houses you just see and wonder who in God’s name ever constructed such.

lol, I guess everyone just want to leave Nigeria now.either we can speak the language or not

I also need mine checked, because with the rate of sin now eh.

poets be doing the most sometimes, they always have a poem for everything.

Lol, Ok, I don’t even want to talk about this one.

Hell no, we must fly abroad with that baby, in-fact we will hold the labor till we get to the U.S.

This one got me rolling on the floor. I can’t even imagine what it would taste like.

To be honest, that’s exactly what I would say. ‘I was about calling you’, because I can’t just start explaining.

In this country, you need to be double sure about everything, just like recounting your money after collecting it from the ATM

Please no time for unnecessary questions, Hire me because you are hiring. Period

Lol, I reserve my comment on this one

It’s funny how I have experienced this, some people just deserves this slap.

Hell no, am turning my face away immediately. What happened to the fine ones?

Fear African parents, even when you tell them not to give you the phone, they will still force the phone on your ear.

We cannot deal with it at all, we will call it ‘fek’. Who agrees with me?

lol, it’s funny how one In ten persons has experienced this.

African parents are never specific with what they want, one minute they want you to talk, and if you talk, big problem.

Ha, just finish me, I won’t even be able to even stand straight. Finish me.

To avoid the issue getting worse, just stand up and leave peacefully o, because if he tries to amend it, it will be a worse story.

These foreign people don’t even know the hassle it takes to collect money from an African parent. You will explain and explain, or when you borrow them money and need it back, you already know the answer they will give you.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually do study them during exams tho, who is with me on this one.

lol, I literally laughed so hard when I saw this, I have been a victim over and over again, then my mum has to pretend like nothing is happening.

Lol.Nigerian girls will never be straight forward. If you know you know o.

Ro be honest I really have never seen, pleas has anyone seen?

Lol, in as much as I know this is wrong, I just couldn’t help but laugh.

Like what if she is a witch, and you just want her to come over like that. Some guys are really funny.

It is always so Interesting and sweet at first, not until you know the crazy part of that person.

Lol, with the 10 naira biro indeed, everyone was a poet back then especially when it came to writing love letters.

I hope I have been able to put a little smile on your face today, Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and click on the follow button for more interesting memes and updates.

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Abeg Davido


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