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Oh My God! What I Saw Amongst Our Chickens That Paralysed Me. (Fiction)

 God! When will you do this for me, it's been eight years since I got married to my husband. But we had no kid. We were staying at Lagos state. We were quite a middle class family.we had everything we needed except a baby.

I was getting obsessed with life. It wasn't like my husband was pestering me to give him a baby, but I was just too desperate because all my friends that we got married at virtually the same time we're all carrying their either second or third child.

My Mother In-law who lived in Port Harcourt was the thorn in my life that was pecking me every minute. She always claimed I was either infertile or used my womb for sacrifice in the marine world.

I often had sleepless nights thinking whether God was actually seeing all I was going through.

A month later when I was tired of trying although I heard of people who spent like fifteen years of marriage and still had kids, my anxiety to have a kid led me to something that will forever remain part of my life.

On a Faithful Evening a month later, My friend invited me over to her place, she claimed it was a surprise. I happily went not knowing She was going to introduce me to a ' juju' man to give me a baby.

At first, I was against because I was a strong believer, but when I later thought twice about how God Just forgot me, I decided to give it a try.

Its been four years now, I was having beautiful baby I got from the herbal man. Life was at it's best. I felt so like a mum and I loved my daughter so much until the worst thing happened to me, I saw my daughter feeding with chickens, with chicken feathers, I just stood there in awe, my husband came out and shouted too, it was then I collapsed.

When I finally regained consciousness, I just recally when the herbalist that gave me the baby was telling me that they can take their baby anytime, but I wasn't bothered at all because of anxiety. The baby on the other hand turned into a chicken completely and that was how I lived with that stigma all my life.

So a little advise for everyone, don't be too anxious, be patient, Gods time is the best. Thanks for reading this peice.

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Faithful Evening Lagos Port Harcourt


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