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Korede Bello, Returning With Stunning Photos Or Good Music?

Korede Bello has been trending recently for releasing a couple of stunning photos, including the topless water shots with which he started his Instagram afresh. 

There's no argument about the fact that Korede is one gorgeous specimen of a man.

How he grew into a finer, bearded version of himself has got everyone talking on social media.

Notwithstanding, I think that boy needs a frank talk, the kind of talk I doubt Mavin record boss Don Jazzy will bother to give him. Most likely, Don Baba Jay has other cash cows under his label to focus on. 

Only a brutally honest fan may do the job.

Korede is just 24 remember, still has age on his side to his advantage.

At this age, trying to take the 'sex symbol' route the way he's been doing since he resurfaced is so irrelevant. I feel there's so much to be accomplished musically. 

Left for us, we will "aww" and compliment his new sideburns, how it makes him hot in the latest photoshoot amongst several others, then we'll go check out the latest Rema and Fireboy's stuff.

Because presently, it's still the 'Godwin' song he has under his belt as a hit.

Not to say that looking good isn't good business, but if dazzling on Instagram is all we're getting from you, well... I'm not altogether wrong. 

Korede can afford to be vain after he has scored a good number of hits. 

Unfortunately, 'Godwin' is so 2015.

So when I see Korede doing more expensive photoshoots than heavily promoting his craft, particularly in an industry where the younger crop of artists are firing hard, I get the feeling of one who has accepted a comfortable seat in the one-hit-wonder club.

Unlike before, I'm sure Don Jazzy hardly cares to babysit his artists anymore, let alone Korede who enjoyed the privilege of being hooked up with Kelly Rowland on that song that failed to chart. How much more can be done for him in terms of career growth?

 Okay, he has a new song. Have you heard of it? No, I guess. But have you seen so many 'lickable' photos of him lately? Yes. 

Now you see where I'm going with this.

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