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Fiction: What have I done to deserve this. Story of a student and her misfortune

My name is Angela, am 21 years old, I grew up with my father who was a businessman in the city of Aba.

The year 2018 was a very remarkable and happy year of my life, because I go admission into the university of Calabar to study my dream course which is Pharmacy. I even told my father that my school fees and feeding will not be a challenge since I have wealthy uncle who was living in the city of Calabar.

Tragedy struck when I lost my father after my first year in the university. I felt like the world was going to collapse on my head, a lot of thoughts were going through my head, about my academics, means of survival, where and who I was going to stay with and so on.

After the burial, I started staying with my grandma in the village. In order to source money for living, I help her in the farm and also go to the market to sell the farm produce.

So I decided visit my uncle who was a business Things became harder and tougher when I went back to school to continue from my second year. A lot of guys have me offers to have sex with them and get paid, but I turned down the offers due to the kind of family I came from.

I decided to visit my uncle who was a businessman in the city to source for funds, textbooks and other registration. When I arrived at his house, he welcomed me warmly and told the maid to prepare something for me to eat. I slept over at his house, and spent time with his wife and children .

Due to the nature of his wife's job, she goes to work very early in the morning and comes back late in the evening. After she left for work, I related my aim of coming to my uncle, he took me to his room to get the money and I followed him freely and innocently. It was as if I was watching a movie, everything happened faster, he locked his room and raped me. This was a huge shock, I couldn't believe what happened even when I went back to school.

After 3 months of the incident , I noticed that I was pregnant for my uncle, now I don't know what to do, whether to confront him or not.

What will I tell my Grandma and my uncle's wife?

What should I do?

Drop your advise on the comment box.

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Aba Angela Calabar


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