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Meet Flavour's Baby Mama Who Take Care Of His Blind Adopted Kid Like Her Own Child

Being kind is when you care about people and also show you care. It is an action which is required to be carried out on a daily basis to people.

This saying described the life of Flavour's baby mama, Anna Banner who have shown to the public that it doesn't take much to be kind to people through showing alot of care to flavour's adopted blind boy Semah

Anna Banner is flavour second baby mama, the Nigeria model was already studying in a university in Dubai before she got pregnant for flavour and was expelled later because pregnancy out of wedlock is not accepted in the institution. She gave birth to baby Sophia in 2015 and since then she have been the best baby mama of Flavour because her lifestyle seems to be nice and also worth emulating from others.

After flavour adopted a blind Liberian boy and introduce him to Anna. Anna Banner being a kind hearted woman has no option than to accept Semah and take him as her own biological son, she took it upon herself to be taking care of flavour's adopted blind son without having any negative thought on her mind concerning the young boy.

On several occasions both of them has been captured together spending quality time as mother and son. This made people to have much love for Anna, as many do praises her on social media platforms for accepting the adopted blind boy as her own son.

Below are some their lovely moment as one family;

Anna birthday wish to Semah

It is very rare to see a young girl like Anna with a heart of gold, together we can make this world a better place through showing of sefless services.

Please always be kind to people.

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