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Apart From MUSIC, Check out Five Different Businesses That Mr. P Does That Fetch Him More Money

Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr. P was a former Psquare crew member. Peter Okoye, Paul Okoye, and Jude Okoye all had the Psquare crew. Mr. Jude who was their elder brother was their manager, and he even started singing before his brother. Jude Okoye was handling the music career of his brothers and made every one of their songs beautiful and great.

The Psquare crew has some Many tracks, singles, and Album that are so down to earth, as Igbo boys they used their native language to exercise their God-given talent. While Paul Okoye, now known as Rudeboy was singing, Peter Okoye now Mr. P was dancing and handle the stage. Their music was known throughout Nigeria and outside Nigeria and many coming up artists like the Wizkid, Davido and others were inspired by them, seeing two brothers working hand in hand with great talent and skills.

Psquare songs were one of the best-selling songs in Nigeria as they continue to involve American artists in their songs, artists like Akon worked with them in the song 'Chop My Money. So many great songs giving out messages to people. Nigerians loved their songs, Aligo, Chop My Money, Personally, Me And My Brother, I've Gat A Story, Busy Body, Temptation, Ifunaanya, and many others.

It is so sad that today the two brothers have decided to go separately on their way and have started doing different businesses. Mr. P also has released a new album titled the Prodigal, this album was to prove to many that he has the voice and wasn't only a dancer during Psquare.

Apart from Mr. P's music career, he also has five other different means of making money.

Dance with Peter:

Dance with Peter is one of the means Mr. P generates his income. This is a very big concert that happens once every year and is a means by which dancers showcase their God-given talents. This always happens in a great city with many celebrities coming together to witness it.

Dance with Peter is a great show and Mr. P makes a lot from this show.


Zipawoof is one of the businesses Mr. P is into, in Zipawoof fans and followers always bet with a little amount of money, and in return, winners are chosen and gifts like home appliances, accessories are given.

Zipawoof doesn't involve cash gifts but gadgets, home appliances, and accessories. This also generates a lot of money for Mr. P.

Zoom Live Bet

In a Zoom Live Bet interested followers and fans all over the world bets with minimum money and a random selection is done. Winners ranging from 1st-3rd are chosen and awarded with a cash price.

Fans buy tickets to qualify them to be able to play and bet, then a selection is done only lucky once are selected. This is another Business Mr. P has been doing for about 2 years Now.

APHRO Drinks

Aphro drink is one of the businesses Mr. P does, according to Mr. P APHRO Drinks was a life plan and investment, he started planning about it for a long time, and now is a dream come through. Aphro drinks have already been introduced to the market and many people have testified of how good the drink is.

APHRO Drinks is made with the palm trees of South Africa. Mr. P revealed that a taste of this drink is life.

Zip Republic

The Zip Republic includes any wear that has zipping at its end. Any clothing that has zipping, at its end is called the Zip Republic, and it was a good idea from Mr. P.

The Zip Republic also comes in shoes, cans, clothes trousers, and other wear.

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