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Check Out 6 Reasons Why You Forget Your Dreams And What To Do To Stop It

Dreams, a mirror into the spiritual realm are used by man, satan or God to transmit messages. One could see an impending disaster in the dream before it happens.

But sometimes, when one wakes from the dream, the brain becomes completely incapable of recalling it, it's as if you didn't dream at all. Or you remember bits and pieces of the dream in such a way that you find the dream itself senseless.

These forgotten dreams could be telling us something extremely important. If we can check the Bible in (Genesis 41) King Pharaoh couldn't remember his dream but thank God for Joseph, a spiritual person who not only reminded him but interpreted the dream to him. They were able to prepare for the 7 years of farming that was coming their way.

sources of Dreams

▪︎ Dreams can come from Man: Sometimes when one worries or thinks of something before sleeping, the person usually ends up dreaming of the subject of that worry.

Movie lovers too could have bad dreams especially after watching a horror movie.

▪︎ Dreams can come from God: Usuallyfor direction and warning

▪︎ Dreams can come from the devil: Mostly full of nightmares and attacks.

Reasons You Can't Seem To Remember Your Dreams

▪︎ When you wake up suddenly

▪︎ Demonic attacks on your memory

▪︎ Worrying and anxiety

▪︎ Eating polluted food usually in the dream

▪︎ Living in a demonic dwelling place

▪︎ When your deliverance is incomplete.

5 Things To Do To Help You Remember Your Dreams

▪︎ Immediately you wake, try to recollect your dream. It may come to you in bits nd pieces at first but if you keep at it, you will eventually remember

▪︎ Make Sure you write your dream down if you are the forgetful type like me. You may remember them immediately you wake up but might forget after some hours

▪︎ Try not to worry before going to bed. It doesn't help you in any way.

▪︎ Don't be tempted into watching horror or action movies where blood is spilled at night

▪︎ Pray before going to bed and after you wake up especially if you had a bad dream. You can easily cancel them with prayer immediately you wake up

I hope I've been able to shed some light on this topic for you. Please drop your questions and comments in the box below.

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