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Remembering Woman Who Claimed She Had Always Been Laughed At Because Of Her Child's Looks.

Remembering Woman Who Claimed She Had Always Been Laughed At Because Of Her Child's Looks.

I Have Always Been Laughed At And Looked Down On, Woman Shares Her Plight After Giving Birth, she had claimed that she had always had people laughing at her just because if how her child looks.

Nigerians have the habit of Mocking individuals based on their plights, and some even take their time to smear it to their face which is absolutely very bad and deranging.

A woman had taken to social media to share her Plight after giving birth to a not too good looking baby, and claimed that she had always been laughed upon and looked down on, just because of the facial structure of her child.

She even claimed that during her Child's Birthday people were so reluctant to share her pictures, and didn't even seem it fit to attend her birthday is party.

All what the mother of the child is facing is Cruel and could lead to depression or have action on her child which could lead to a criminal offence, as many would throw away the child after many critics or rather still put her up for adoption.

Many would claimed that the woman is at fault, as she could have looked at the face of the man she sleeps with, as babies often takes the facial structure of their parents.

Even after the child look kind of deformed, his life still matters and people need to learn how to accept people despite how they look and should love them unconditionally.

Discrimination could lead to a lot of things, and the mother of the child is very courageous for sharing her Plight online which I term the right step for people to change their mindset towards her child.

Children are gifts from God and they need to be shown love, so that they grow up positively in the society.

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