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10 writers on Opera News Hub That Made Me a Better Writer You Need To Learn From

Hey writers, I present to you 10 writers you need to follow to become a better writer. These writers have made a great impact to my writing skills and also contributed immensely to the hub by writing original and quality article that has a great meaning.

10 of these writers are award winners in opera hub. And I have taken my time to study some of their articles. They are very excellent that why I recommend them to new writers.

Without waste your time, here are 10 writers you need to follow on opera hub to become a better writer.


This is my favorite writer on opera news hub. His writing skill is excellent. Most of his articles are basically on politics and people. He has won so many original article awards on opera news hub including original and quality account of the month. 


He is a vivacious writer that writes about everything. He uses simple and correct English to write his articles. As if he knows that most people in the hub are regular people, not grammarians. He has many awards on this platform and always smiles to the bank at the end of the month.


He is an original article winner that writes about celebrities. He focuses more on entertainment category. I always read his article a lot to grab ideas. See an example of what I mean.


 she is a brilliant writer. She focuses more on society news and has won original article and quality account award. MirabelJackson has written 225 article on opera news. 


 Nkemlengend is another talented writer and also original article winner on the platform. Nkem always gives a good analysis of his write-up.


if what a learn how to write an article about fashion. She is the best writer you can follow up. She has several awards to her name on opera news hub. 


MbuyaziEmmanuel is wemedia name that always appear almost every week, opera announces their weekly award winners. He is an excellent writer that why I recommend him for new writers.


She one of the content writer, I admire her writing skills. She has a over 70k followers on opera news hub. That an evidence that she is good, and readers enjoy reading her article.


Delight1 is an outstanding writer that writes about people and politics. He is also an award winner in opera news hub. 


He is another creative writer that writes about football and entertainment article. He is an original article winner. 


He is a writer that has no award to his name. For writing this article that the reason I included him in this list.

Who is your best writer? Mention the author in the comment below.

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