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Exclusive: What happened to me after taking alcoholic drinks for the first time.

It happened that I had a friend visiting me, we went out to take barbeque fish, but she insisted that we must take alcoholic drinks with it, that it's the only way, we were going to enjoy the fish we bought to consume. 

I hesitated, because consuming alcoholic drinks was not my usual style, nevertheless, I agreed and I got six bottles of alcoholic drinks for her, and same for myself, making it a total of twelve bottles of alcoholic drinks. 

After I completely consumed 3 bottles, it was as though, my eyes were not mine, my vision became rather blur, and I felt in a funny way. 

My friend kept laughing at me, but I said to myself I was going to finish all six bottles I got for myself, I didn't want to appear as a man who wasn't strong, after succeeding in the consumption of all six bottles of alcoholic drinks, I saw people in two's and became very sluggish in my speech.

My girlfriend that was visiting, urged me to the dance floor, and I started dancing like a mad man in the dancing floor, people took pictures and videos of me, without my knowledge, because I was too wasted to note what was going on. 

At day break, I felt like my head was falling, but I was surprised when I was sent a video clip on my whatsapp , a video of myself, crying and shouting, and the sender only asked for 200,000 naira, not to make viral on the internet. 

I am the P.A to a well known politician, who may not want such publication of his associate to go viral on the internet.

Please, what do you suggest I do, as regarding this blackmail.

Leave your opinion below on the comment session. 

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