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Short jokes to put a smile on your face.

"Laughter is a mechanism everyone has; it has always been a part of the universal human vocabulary.

There are thousands of languages, hundreds of thousands of dialects, but everyone speaks laughter in pretty much the same way."

Even babies have the ability to laugh before they ever speak. Children who are born blind and deaf still retain the ability to laugh.

Below are some jokes to help you start your day

I hope you like them

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1_ Uggly girls will be like

Am a hotcake, am naturally selzy, lick your screen

Aunty shut up, remove that sun in your area, return brother John's iPhone, go and remove mummy's wig, oya use your techno y2 to snap picture, you just look like aunty Kudira in my area

2_ Ladies, is not that Husbands are scarce, is just that you are busy looking for Hushpuppi with a touch of Pastor Sam Adeyemi

3_ have you also noticed that the answer to "where are you going" in my country is "I am coming"

4_ why is it that it is when we get home after losing a fight that we start to imagine all the kungfu skills we could have used to win the match

5_ English teacher will ask me to write a composition about myself and still score me 3/10, is you me? Is me you? Abi are you the two both of us

6_ Class teacher: why did you come late to school today

Me: Sir there was traffic

Class teacher: so what? Is that my fault?

Me: but did I blame you

7_ Nobody: Imagine you get home and see your daddy beating your father and your parents are not at home, what will you do?

Me: I will just jejely leave my daddy to beat my father and report them to my parents when they get back. I can't come and kill myself

8_ some Nigerian girls ehn, how will you save the name of your boyfriend as "my destiny"

what if he now die?

9_ So one day now, you that you are reading this post will give birth to a daughter, and your daughter will now have a boyfriend, she will now want to come and introduce him to you and the guy will be scared to meet you

You that have not have sense very well

10_ The truth is not all ladies like money.

You see, some actually like money, while others like money, and majority of them like money.

11_ Happy new year in advance to all the beautiful ladies and the other gender that betrayed Jesus

Which one's your pick? Have a wonderful day

Content created and supplied by: Gist_me (via Opera News )

Am Hushpuppi Kudira Sam Adeyemi


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