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How You Clocked 18 Years But Still Lived In Your Father's House

Your ChildhoodAs a child you always imagined what growing up would be like, you were thrilled by the idea of one day becoming a teenager, you longed for puberty and you wanted to grow to a stage where you start getting reciprocated respect from your parents and elders, you longed for these because in your little mind you thought it will be an all rosy experience, a story with no bad side or a sweet dream to behold but when you got there you were disappointed and for a second or say five hours you contemplated going back.

If there was a pill become a child again you wanted it, in fact I bet you still fantasize about your childhood, I can even say your dreams a filled with childhood memories.

Early Teenage Life For You

Teenage life began slow for you, the ideas of puberty became realities and they were not rosy ones at all, your mind started getting occupied and when puberty set in you were not ready for it at all. A girl once told her mum "I want to pass through a month without having to pass through these pains" and her mother in an act of savage replied her saying " Go get yourself pregnant" and the conversation continued in that direction, could it be that she missed the good old childhood days? or could she hate pain so much that she cannot take it anymore? Back to you.

After a year or two you got used to the teenage life and had support from family and friends, your parents now assigned you a colossal amount of privacy and respect, they reasoned with you and instead of instructing you they gave you advice, at this point it was a partial dream come true for you. On the other hand, you too grew in self awareness, pride, self respect and responsibility, the last of which you were not fully aware of. You had decisions to make, real life decisions, mummy did not have to compel you nor did daddy shout at you, you were finally free. If you had actual wings I bet you would fly.

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen became a craze for you, you were so close to the golden age and you were over joyed. When your aunts and uncles came around they referred to you as big boy/big girl, to add to that you turned sixteen in a bit and you actually felt big, now mummy seeks permission before touching your belongings, daddy knocks before entering your room and on top of all these your siblings now address you as "big brother", what is left to complete the equation? Is that not the perfect icing in the cake?

The Eighteen Year Old Craze; I Want To Leave My Father's House

You are now becoming a person of your own, it is not as if your parents no longer care about you, it is just that they want you to become independent at least a little. I mean their actions now speak louder than words and they now watch you grow from safe distance. You get into the university and you are officially on your own or so you think, you don't expect mummy to still cook for you, she is not in school with you. That's the reality in ground but with your upbringing you will strive, I trust you, in fact everybody does so find a way. There are influences everywhere; good, bad and evil, you know what you want and you also know what is best for your future. So you scale your options and try to make a decision. What are you waiting for? make it, make the choice now!!! The voices in your head scream so loud but from what you have learnt you relax, in fact you sleep over it and make the right choice. The results of your choices start coming in and you pride in yourself is doubled, you feel good about yourself and your decisions make you feel respected among your peers.

You return home one holiday and every one is happy, they are proud of who you have become. At eighteen your are morally sound and upright, despite the warm welcome and happy faces you feel incomplete and suffocated in a house so big, wait a minute, your dad's house has become too compact for you, you no longer feel comfortable even in the privacy of the room that was once your fortress. You close your eyes to sleep but there is a thought at the back of your mind, you try to sort it out and in a fraction of a second you discover it is a question you need to give answer to. What was the question?

What are you still doing in your father's house at age 18?

Drop your answer to this question in the comment section. 

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Early Teenage Life For You


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