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Eighteen Hilarious photos to make you laugh

18. That moment when your learning how to cook for the first time and the menu says "chill in refrigerator for 1hour before adding up to teast" and his happens.

17. That moment when you have told your wife where what she's looking for is for like 10times and she still keeps coming back to ask you, and this happens.

16. That moment when every one is tired of holding a drunk man and this happens.

15. That moment when your father forced you to marry him and this happens.

14. That moment when your crush sent you a "Hi" message and you have only 1% battery.

13. That moment when your class monitor hands over the list of noise makers to the teacher and she forgives everyone.

12. That moment when sitting at home is for the woman during the covid. Real men plays temple run live with soldier man.

11. That moment when your elder sister's boyfriend says, "go and buy biscuit, don't come back quick o." And this happens.

10. That moment when you can't sleep because every where stew for you friend.

9. That moment when girls cut their long hair and instantly regrets it, and this happens.

8. When Jesus walked on the red Sea live, warri vision of the movie. Na God go judge you.

7. Read my ass you asshole, I don't know why most Americans says this in a movie.

6. That moment when your not happy into the country your burn into and the nurses starts calling you names like "Boniface."

5. That moment when your dating a monitoring spirit and you're yet to find out.

4. Before man and woman gets married this is how they look. Turn this particular photo upside down to see how they look after marriage.

3. When you asked your girlfriend to send you her childhood photo and she sent you this saying, "how do I look."

2. After drinking last night and you were found like this the next morning.

1. That moment when Warri boy marry a beautiful virgin girl and their honey moon goes like this..

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