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I Went To Visit My Boyfriend And As I Opened His Bathroom Door, This Is What I Saw (Fiction)

Good day to you all, my name is Cynthia Johnson and this is my story!

One faithful cool evening while I was helping my mum at home, my phone rang, when I check my phone it was my boyfriend Lawrence, so I was joyous as the last conversation we had didn't goes well and I was thinking he has abandoned me already!

So I took the call and we exchange greetings as usual! After that he apologized that he is sorry for how he talked to me last time that he didn't Know what came over him that I should give him another chance and opportunity to prove his love for me, and he went further by inviting me to see him in his bed sitter apartment that he is staying alone so that he can further apologise and prove his love for me. Me crazily inlove accepted with no hesitation, so I quickly took my bath and put on one of my best clothes and of course I put on my best bra and undies! Anything can happen you know.

So after a while I got to his apartment, immediately he saw me he started apologising and I told him to stop apologizing that I love him too much to even hold grudges against him and I kissed him then we went inside.

He then offered me some drinks of which I said no to but he insisted I should take it for me to prove that I'm no longer angry with him, so I took it and after a while I lost control of myself and found myself naked in his bed. When I woke up everywhere was dark as all the lights in the house has been put off. So I called out his name, but no one answered, then I found some glimpse of light shining from the bathroom direction so I decided to move towards it, immediately I opened the door of the bathroom I saw this and I was shocked......

Watch out for part 2!

Is he the one that turned into tortoise? Follow me to get updates when I dropped part 2

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