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"Hilarious" What you go through when ur younger sibling is ill.

Your younger brother has been sick for few days now.

Your parents have been giving him all he wants.

Even if he wants Chicken, Mango and Fufu altogether.

They'll rush to go get it for him at the snap of your fingers.

You watch him munching everything greedily as you gobble your Garri-wey-sugar-nor-even-dey down your throat.

You protest but they reply you with "Can't you see he's sick? He needs everything to get well soon."

You bone.

He demands for Lucozade Boost and they rush to get it for him too.

The rain water you're drinking at that moment begins to taste like gutter water.

Even after he uses almost all the plates to eat.

You're left to wash the plates- which of course, used to be his duty.

You can't take it no more.

You have to be sick too.

You kneel down and pray to God for sickness, but you still wake up hale and hearty.

So, you decided to take laws into your hands.

You get a detergent and small pure water.

You'll mix the two in your mouth, fall down in the public and start pouring it out like you're vomiting foam.

You'll be given plenty milk, rushed home, then given all the love you deserve.

That's your plan. A perfect one.

You proceed to the most busy street in your neighborhood with the detergent and water already in your mouth, then you fall down so dramatically, pouring out the foam.

"Ahhhh! Person don faint. Bring milk. Milk oh!" You hear people shouting.

You begin to smile like an idiot, already opening your mouth to give way to the milk when you hear another man's voice.

You guess he should be an old man because he had a frail voice.

"I don see this sickness before. No give am milk. Na pregnant woman go piss for him mouth." He says

At the mention of urine, your ears expand and immediately sends signals cum adrenaline to your legs.

You stand up and begin to move at a fast pace, not even knowing if your legs are touching the ground.

You do not stop until they're out of sight.

You eventually give up and proceed to your house only to meet his vomit that you have to clean.

You burst into tears because local man cannot even can no more.

This life no equilibrium, my dear.

Content created and supplied by: Ayoade19 (via Opera News )

Chicken Fufu Garri-wey-sugar-nor-even-dey Lucozade Boost Mango


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