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Check Out Lovely Photos of Destiny Etiko with Ken Erics, Stephen Odimgbe and Zubby Michael

The Nollywood industry is filled with super talented people. All of its stars are highly skilled at what they do. But in this article, my main focus is on Destiny Etiko.

Destiny Etiko is actually one of the young best stars Nollywood has. She is good at playing her roles exceptionally well in movies and she single handedly stands out among other upcoming stars in the movie Industry. Destiny Etiko has featured in a lot of Nigerian movies and knows how to portray her roles well in movies.

She behaves as if she has that natural charisma that goes well with the movie which makes her very entertaining in movies. She has single handedly played the role of a princess, a businesswoman, a lawyer, a nurse and a husband snatcher. She even said that there is no role she cannot play in movies and I totally believe her.

She has also worked with a lot of actors, actresses and several directors. But I want to show you some lovely photos of her together with these Nollywood actors mentioned in the title.

First of all let's start with Ken Erics

Ken Erics is one of the fastest rising young actors in Nollywood. Just like Destiny is one of the fastest rising young actress, he is one of the fastest rising young actors. He has also featured in a lot of Nigerian movies. Some of which included Destiny Etiko in it.

So here are some of his photos together with Destiny Etiko

Stephen Odimgbe

Stephen Odimgbe is another highly talented actor in the Nigerian movie industry. He is one of the talented figures in the Nigerian movies industry. He has featured in several movies over the years. Some of which he has played alongside Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko.

Here are some of their photos together

The last one my list is Zubby Michael

Zubby Michael is one of the remarkable young men in the movie industry. He is Popularly known for playing the role of a bad boy in movies and he is now an established star in that role. He has also been seen playing a lot of roles alongside Destiny Etiko.

Here are their photos together.

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