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Check Out 3 Companies That Drake Has Signed Endorsement Deals With

Every Timothy, Bartholomew and Silas knows that whenever you are mentioning some of the biggest guns in the Canadian and the American music Industry; some big artists such as Cardi B, Nikki Minaj, Eminem, Lil Wayne and finally, Drake are usually the ones you would always see on the spotlight.

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The Toronto-born artist has been known to be the kind of artist that never disappoints his fan whenever he sets out in making good music and such, has created a very solid reputation for himself; which in turn has led to quite a good number of companies and brands lining up for the artist to be able to sign endorsement deals with them.

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Furthemore, just like our elders will always say, success attracts more success and over the course of the years, below are 5 Billion Dollar companies that Drake has signed endorsement deals with:

1. Drake's endorsement deal with Sprite:

It is important to note that the Grammy Awards winner, Drake, has had a partnership with popular soft drinks company, Sprite, since time immemorial since 2010.

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He has reportedly included his own commercials for the drink in order to boost the sales and popularity of the soft drink (Sprite).

2. Drake's endorsement deal with Apple Music:

It's more like everywhere that this artist is always a "green-green" for him as he has been reported to have signed an endorsement deal with one of the United States of America's biggest music streaming platform, Apple Music.

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The deal reportedly worth $19 million dollars according to media reports.

3. Drake's endorsement deal with Jordan Brand (Nike):

It is important to note that the Canadian rapper has a very strong relationship with one of the world's biggest shoes producing platform, Nike.

Photo Credit: Forbes Images

In 2013, he reportedly signed an endorsement deal with Jordan Brand; a subsidiary of Nike. It is rumoured that the deal worths more than 100 million dollars.

Do you think that he's going to sign more endorsement deals in the future? What are your thoughts on this article, I would love to see your comments in the comments section let's discuss more about it.

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