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9 Mount Zion movies that helped shape our childhood.

Mount Zion movies are pure christain movies, that teaches about the doctrine of the Bible and how the church should be. They have been around for a while now and have helped to create a better path, for many individuals. With the founder being Mike bamiloye his wife and the entire crew, over the years they haven't ceased, to give us that desired yearning for the things of God. I would be taken you through some movies, that touched many lives and also saved some that were held captive by the enemy. Hope you read till the end.

1, Captives of the mighty2, Secrets of the moment 3, Hell Razer4, Out Of The Hook5, The Spell6, His standard 7, Strategies8, The Broken Pitcher

9, Open Altar.

If you have been biased in your dealings with God, you ought to watch these movies in order for you to know what God's true intentions for you are. Please don't forget to follow me for more inspiring articles, like comment and share.

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