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Husband and wife relationship

My wife served me food at night, when I opened it this what I saw:[Fiction]

Love they say is blind but sometimes you just need to open your eyes so you will fall in the hands of evil women,gone are those days when you can fully trust someone but not in today's life,humans has changed totally to the extent you find it so hard to trust even those you call your love ones.

Trusting someone now is like exposing yourself to danger,some woman are the reason why their husbands can't have a peaceful and happy home.

My wife whom I love so much did something that really scared the hell out of me.

My name is Peter am 30years and am a successful business man,I worked so hard to build a future for myself, although am still single and yet to marry but I loved my life just the way it was,I never wanted to marry because of what I do see my married friends pass through in their marriages but my mother just can't leave me alone, she's always Calling me for family meeting concerning the issue of marriage.

I tried explaining to her that am not ready for marriage right now, because am not prepared for women trouble but she did not want to see things from my point of view.

Marriage is not what you just jump into,if you fell plan for your marriage then you plan to fell that's just the truth of the matter,you don't prepare "IN" marriage but you prepare"FOR" marriage.

I told her I have not seen any decent girl who will make a good wife material for me,and I don't not want to rush into marriage knowing the risks In it,but all I was saying to my mother was just waste of time to her all she wanted was her grandchildren,and this got me worried.

One day I want to a friend's party,it was his birthday and everyone was invited including beautiful ladies so I decided to go maybe I will see a beautiful girl that I will take home to my mother as a wife.

That was when I met this beautiful lady called chioma,she was so beautiful I just can't take my eyes off her body,all through the party I can't stay a moment without looking at her direction, I told my friends about her,they were so surprised and happy at the same time because it was the first time I have ever talked about ladies to them so they made sure the relationship work out for me.

After a while I approached her and we exchanged greetings and from there things got complected but in a good and wonderful way,I was quite a bit shy but I controlled myself and I asked her out to my greatest Surprise she said YES!!!.

Although she was way younger than I am but I don't care because she was so beautiful not knowing I was making the biggest mistake of my life,I thought to myself what's the big deal as long as I love her and she loves me what else do I need from a beautiful woman like her.

It has been 5years since I married chioma, although she is yet to give me my own child but that did not change the way I loved her,I love my wife so much I can do anything to make her happy but I can't say the something about her love for me.

My wife started acting fishy lately,it seems as if she is no longer interested in the marriage it was as if she was forced to marry me and I was so worried,I seek advice from my mother who told me to give her some time, maybe she is going through tough time,so I tried to be understanding with her because I did not want anything to come in between our love.

This bad behavior continued for 3 good months,but still I kept being understanding,some women are the reason why their homes are not in good condition and my wife was one of those women.

One day my wife served me food,it was late in the night and it had passed the time I usually eat my food,I told her I can't eat by this time of the night but she insisted.

I took the food from her and want inside,I did not eat it that night so the following day I wanted to go and prepare for work when I remembered the food when I opened the plate of food she served me what I saw left me speechless,the plate was filled up with Stones.

I was so surprised and angry at the same time,I want to her room and asked her what the meaning of this,"so you wanted to kill me".

I was so sad I loved my wife so much I can't believe she was capable of doing this to me,that was when she started crying asking me to forgive her.

Right now am confused on what to do.

Should I send my beloved wife away or not.

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