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Zee World Fans: Is Lies of the Heart the best series Zee World has ever given to us?

Zee World series has been a major companion to the average Nigerian women who are always entertained by the Indian series full of actions, suspense and dramas. However, lately, the dramas has become too prolonged and suffocating and much often do not end well. The world is full of evil people thou which most of the series do portray but does the viewers really want things like that?

Lies of the Heart is one of the series that has an amazing plot and relatable to real life scenarios. It is about the story of a woman, Urmi who madly fell in love with Samrat. She got married to him even after she was aware of his abusive nature. They both had a kid together but Urmi left the marriage due to Samrat's infidelity. She managed to become a successful business woman.

This is the first series given to us that is very close to life situations. There is no memory lost, kidnapping, manipulation for years, reincarnation, no society bullies or memory lost amongst others relatable from other series.

The crucial lesson from this story is that you must always know your partner deeply before you commit to a relationship. No room should be given for any abusive relationship. It also taught viewers how they can come out strong from such situation. There is actually a lot to learn from the marriage of Samrat and Urmi portrayed in the series.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you believe Lies of the Heart is the best series to be aired on Zee TV?

Drop your thoughts below.

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