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School Resumption: Funny PHOTOS that explain what will happen when school finally resumes.

Since the out break of the deadly virus in the country everything was brought to a halt as a result of lockdown, so as to ease the spread of the deadly virus. Amongst which school where closed since March, and now to major concern of everyone is when would school eventually resume. 

As there are lots of debate concerning the actual date of school, keeping everyone in suspense. Away from school Resumption, please don't bother your self too much. Below are funny pictures that will make laugh and wonder, but of a truth they clearly portray how Events will turn out to be, if school eventually resumes. And everybody goes back to the normal way.

I have given interpretation to the pictures, put you can add yours in the comments section. Just chill and catch some fun.

Funny photos with deep meaning.

1. Wearing facemask becomes more important than social distancing. See how to bus is full. 100% full.

2. Parents becomes more concern for the safety of their daughters. From coro and those bad eyes that want to defile them.

3. Sure way to welcome children to school. No more hugging 😂

4. Patients looking for every possible means to survive, after doctors cannot solve the problem.

5. Super heros. They survive through the hottest battle in the world. As everyone runs into hidding.6. Ladies look for every means to get protected from abuse by men. Afer they shield themselves from Corobaby7. Patients running away from isolation centers by all possible means.8. Alcohol based sanitizers becomes an excuse for drinking.9. Everybody from young to old. Being much more attentive to the latest updates.10. You are found guilty for not following the procedures. It becomes a sin. Lol.

11. Victims of domestic violence, takes over from coro patients.13. More headache for teachers, as school resumes.

Which of the numbers caught your attention.

Over to you.

Add your explanation and Interpretation, to the pictures based on their Numbers.

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