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Reno Omokri Reveals Specifically What The Bible Says We Should Do With Our Tithes - Reactions Trails

We all know that the Issue of tithing is a very sensitive one and it carries a lot of controversy when ever it is mentioned especially on the social Media. With the current depleting state of the country's economy, which escalated with the Global pandemic and the accompanying lockdown of economic activities, lot of individuals and families are facing tough times and indeed finding it very hard to feed and to meet their personal needs, hence the rising skepticism on the paying of tithes from the little money or resources they have, as they see that tenth percent offered to possibly go a long way to meet some personal needs.

Reno Omokri, who is known as a renowned man of God and an embodiment of wisdom, has once again taken to his official page on Instagram to reveal what the bible specifically tells chrisrians to do with their tithes citing Deut 26: 12

He also added that the people who advocate for the payment of tithe would never speak about this verse that specifically says what we should do with our tithes, he also adviced that people should endeavour to study the scriptures by themselves so as not to fall victim of some teachings he considered deceptive.

This elicited a lot of reactions from his fans and followers. Most showing support and appreciation for his efforts to reveal what the felt were hidden truths.

Amidst the many reactions, I happen to find one of the comments remarkable and disturbing at the same time; where the man revealed that they were made to pay tithe in Sunday school and the were advised to save from the little pocket money they received from parents or guardians.

This I find very disturbing and wrong for a christian teacher to have done. These are just kids in Sunday school who are still totally dependent on their parents and have no means of jobs or means of livelihood. As far as I know paying of tithe is for those with jobs or who have something doing and which are majorly adults. In the same vein, with regards to what Reno has just revealed, I think it is best that people do what they know works for them, because I believe that there is no one size fits all in most cases.

You can use the comment section to air your view on what you think about this statement from the Reno Omokri.

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