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Watch these cartoons to enlighten your childhood. "Corona virus watchlist"

"If you didn't watch these cartoons as a child i dont think your childhood is complete." This is one of the saying people use to explain movies that got their mind in a deep and excited state.

As a child many watch a-lot of cartoons and TV programs that make up their childhood.

Here are the list of some movies that you sure would love to watch again:

1. Hercules

This animated movie talks about a GREEK GOD, Hercules who was brought to earth by his wicked uncle on an attempt to turn him into human. In order to stop him from destroying his plan on taking over Olympus.

And trained by the tranier of hero's. Don't be surprised it's the goat man.

2. The Lion King.

This movie has gone way to far in the lives of children but still some are among the gradient of those who havent. Well it talks about a jealous uncle who thinks he should be king instead of his brother, neither his brothers son. Goody goody it's characters are animals. Lions in particular, which makes the movie more of a pride image.

3. Home.

BOOV........ this name should be popular amongst those people who have watched "home". About the species of aliens who plan to take over earth just to run away from their enemy. One boov who is known as a fugitive in the later part finds his way with a human girl in other to help her fing her mom who was seperated from her during the takeover.

4. Babys Day Out

This is another comedy movie where a baby left home following the pictures and direction from the book his mother read to him. Being the son of a millionare three gobbers wanted to kidnap him giving the movie the sensasional laughter all through.

5. Coraline

This movie can be quite scary for some kids but everyone needs some spooky feeling sometimes.

Talk about a girl who isn't so happy with her present life and almost gave in to a total stranger she calls other mother. That's her mother but with button eyes.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Content created and supplied by: Mimi.Clifford (via Opera News )

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