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Top 10 most expensive wrist watches and their worth

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As at 2020, this list are the most expensive wrist watches in the world and their worth in US dollars. There are different and varieties of expensive wrist watches in the world but we concentrated more on the top 10

1. GRAFF DIAMONDS HALLUCINATION: It is worth $ 55 million US dollars.

2. GRAFF DIAMONDS THE FASCINATION:It is worth $ 40 million US dollars.

3. BREGUET NO.160:It is worth $ 30 million US dollars.

4. CHOPARD 201- CARATWATCH:It is worth $ 25 million US dollars.

5. PATEK PHILIPPE SUPERCOMPLICATION:It is worth $ 24 million US dollars.

6. JACOB & CO-BILLIONAIRE WATCH:It is worth $ 18 million US dollars.

7. PAUL NEWMAN'S ROLEX DAYTONA:It is worth $ 17.8 million US dollars.

8. PATEK PHILIPPE REF. 1518:It is worth $ 11.1 million US dollars.

9. VACHERON CONSTANTIN 57260:It is worth $ 8 million US dollars.

10. HUBLOT BIG BANG:It is worth $ 5 million US dollars.

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