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See The Three Things The Ooni Of Ife Ordered Mr Macaroni To Do When He Visited The Palace.

When you are diligent in your works, indeed, you will stand before kings and not mean men, that is the case of Debo, Mr Macaroni.

His skits are very entertaining and most times, it is usually focussed on a rich man who likes spending his money on women and at the end of the day, something happens and he does not get what he wants from the women.

The Ooni of Ife, Ojaja 2, who is a very humble man is certainly a big fan of Debo and he invited him to the palace. With what transpired in the palace, you will know for certain that the Ooni is a very huge fan of Debo. Many things happened but I will highlight three that many can relate with.

1 Mr Macaroni always tells the ladies who greet him that "aye o n dobale mo" which means "we are not in the era when people kneel/prostrate to greet" but when he met the Ooni of Ife, traditionally, he prostrated and the Ooni said "aye si n dobale ni ibi yi, aye si n dobale fun agba" which means "here, you will have to still prostrate for elderly people." They were at the entrance, the Ooni then ordered him to come and continue prostrating on the throne.

2. Mr Macaroni is fond of removing his glasses in his skit to show how shocked he is about an incident, see examples here.

The Ooni who loves it ordered him to repeat the scene before him.

Mr Macaroni was shy at first but he got into character and he did as he was told, the scene burst the Ooni into laughter. It was really a good sight.

3 The Ooni 'Freaky' his account

Mr Macaroni is known to give ladies money like a confetti, he makes it rain, he calls them "freaky freaky" and he always "freaky" the account. The Ooni Of Ife then used his term, he ordered him to put his account number on his phone so that he can ' freaky ' his account. He told him not to call it out but to punch the button himself.

It was really a funny experience and Mr Macaroni called it the honor of his life as the Ooni prayed for him.

What word do you know that Mr Macaroni says often, and which of them do you love him saying the most?

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