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Nickelodeon: Between Charlotte And Ciara, Who Is The Prettiest?

Nickelodeon: Between Henry Two Girlfriend, Charlotte And Ciara Who Is thr Pretties?.

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You all know that Henry real name is Jace Norman. And during his acting career he dated a lot of girls including riele downs and Daniella Perkins. And Henry met both girls during the show of Henry danger. 

Now between Henry two girlfriends, Charlotte (riele downs) and Ciara (Daniella Perkins) who is more prettier.


Charlotte is a Canadian actress. She started her career at the age of 4. Charlotte is know for her performance role as Charlotte page in the Nickelodeon series Henry danger. Charlotte really name is riele downs.


Ciara is an black American actress they portrayed the lead role of princess/Ciara I. The Nickelodeon series knight squad. Ciara is one of the most beautiful actress in Nickelodeon. 

Now what is your opinion on this. Who is more prettier between Ciara and Charlotte. Kindly answer at the comment section.

Thanks for reading. Kindly answer at the comment section.

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