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15 Photos Of Ken Erics And Rachael Okonkwo Serving Us Good Friendship Goals

One interesting about the Nollywood movie industry is the cordial relationship that exist between the actors and actresses and that’s why we get to see them taking pictures together whenever they’re on a movie set or attending a particular occasion. They see as a way of catching fun and saving precious memories. Just like we’re going to see in the case of actor Ken Erics and actress Rachael Okonkwo.

ken Erics and Rachael Okonkwo are one of the movie trains Nollywood is best with. They’re always delightful to watch because of their amazing acting skills and how exceptionally talented they are in interpreting movie roles and fitting into different characters in movies.

Aside the fact, that they’re colleagues and have acted several movies together, they are very close and best of friends behind the movie scene. Below are photos of them serving us friendship goals

looking at these photos above, it shows that there’s cooperation, love and togetherness among the movie stars

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