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Squirting Orgasm: What You Probably Didn't Know

Squirting is rather more of a complicated topic about intercourse that many people get wrong. Infact, peer pressures make so many ladies want to experience it but unfortunately, it does not happen for every woman.

Meanwhile, before we go further let's know what Squirting is: an involuntary release or gush of fluid from the bladder during intercourse. But medically, squirting is not really fluid but urine although female ejaculated may be present in the urine.

It is utterly disgusting and unhealthy to allow any amount of it pass through ones mouth during intercourse.

Don't be deceived, it is no any different from Urine but a combination of it and some secretion from the skene's gland.

One very important thing of note is that not every woman can experience it, so do not think of forcing it. Just as our body mechanism differs so is levels of orgasm in women.

And again, don't let anyone deceive you that it is a deeper form of orgasm than normal. As long as a woman achieves orgasm, whether through squirting or ejaculated of fluid (whether scantingly or heavily) they all feel same type of way for the woman.

So when next someone tells you that squirting is different from urine, let them know that they are wrong.



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