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Wives: Don't Always Depend on Your Husbands, Do This Instead

It is now more like a tradition where we see wives depend on husbands for everything, for food for the house, for up keeps, children's school fees and all that. In other countries, it's not done this way. Wives get things done too, it's only when they are stuck, that the husband step in.

Most times, in those countries, the wife settles feeding while the husband is away at work and all that, the wife goes out to the store and get what they would cook and the husband comes back to meet food.

We have industrious women too in Nigeria and Africa who holds their family strongly financially. Even when the husband has no job or business, they are still able to provide for their family. But we still have those ones waiting and looking for a ready made husband, they just depend wholely on the man for everything because of their mentality.

It is not bad, if you support your husband financially women. When he can't meet up, you can stand in for him. That's where the love comes in and not that if the husband is down, the whole family will be done.

Train yourself to be independent instead of always asking money from your husbands, be industrious, work, get a job or start a business so you can also use cash for whatever you want for yourself. You must not wait for 'our daddy' before you get things done in your home.

Husbands will always give and provide definitely, but also contribute something to the table and grow together.

I hope this enlightens you, share, like and leave your thoughts in the comments and follow for more.

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