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People React To A Viral Video Of A Little Boy Being Disciplined

"This Beating Wasn't Enough" People Reacts To A Viral Video of A Girl Beating Up A Little Boy

A teenage girl was caught on camera beating up a young boy for pecking her on the lips. The little boy received multiple beatings and injuries from the girl.

According to the video which was uploaded by a popular blogger "Tundeednut" the boy was first seen following the girl everywhere even after he was warned by the girl. The girl was seen beating the little boy because of what he did and this action brought a lot positive comments saying that the girl would have beaten him the more.

Watch video here

The boy's action proves that he was raised wrongly and also proves that not all parents are training their children in the right way.

An Instagram user who goes by the name "Ebiere" encouraged the girl in beating the boy up for his wrong doings.

To me I think the girl was right for teaching him a remarkable lesson.

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