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Husband and wife relationship

My wife always leaves our bedroom every night when I followed her, this is what I saw: [Fiction]

I still can't believe what I just saw my wife doing last night,I thought wifes are suppose to be a life partner, supporters and a companion for life but I can't say the same about women of this days.

The world is filled with evil,and it's so hard to trust anyone even your closest friends can turn against you at any given time in a way you just can't explain.

My name is chibuike am 39years and am a successful business man,I worked as a bank manager and I am happy with the way my life was going, although am still single not because I don't want to marry but I just haven't seen any woman who can be my life partner,a decent and trusted woman which was so hard for me to find and my mother was not making things easier for me,she will always tell me she wants her grandchildren before she dies.

I was so worried, within me I knew am due for marriage but the problem is how to find the right person,I also seek advice from different places which was not good enough for me.

One day I was coming back from work when I came across this young beautiful lady,she was waiting for a public transportation so I offered her a lift home which you accepted,on our way I took my shot at her,I asked her her name and number which she gave me, from there things get a little complicated but it was in a good way.

We started dating for a while and I was so happy to see how my love life has turned into,so I decided to make it official,that was when I asked her to marry me.

Her name is Vivian and she is a graduate of mass communication,she has all the qualities I wanted in a woman,she have the attribute of a good wife material and I know my mother will be so happy to see her, Vivian accepted my proposal to be my wedded wife.

I paid her bride price,both the traditional wedding and the white wedding went successfully and we were proclaimed husband and wife.

It has been 3years since I married my beautiful wife, although she has not given me a child but I tried to be a understanding husband,I always tell her God's time is the best but little did I know she was behind all the problems we were facing in our lives.

I noticed that each time I wake up in the middle of the night,my wife is not always in the room,the next day I will try to ask her where she was last night all she will say is "she went to the bathroom" I knew she was not telling me the truth.

I told her friends about the issue, which they agreed to help me talk to her,but it just makes things worst for me, my wife was so angry with me for telling her friends about our family issues.

I told her I wanted to know what was wrong with her,I thought telling her friends was the right thing to do but she seems to be against it,so I asked her to forgive me for doing that,but I was still curious about what would my wife be hiding from me.

This strange behavior continued for good 6 Months,that was when I knew something was wrong and I need to look into it myself, without my wife's knolage.

That night as usual we went to bed as a loving family,it was around 12 o'clock in the middle of the night,my wife checked on me if I was sleeping but unknown to her I was fully awake,she snaked out of our room and I followed her few minutes after she left the room, what I saw left me speechless and confused.

My wife was having a meeting with this strange woman in our living room their both were clothed with white clothes,my wife was telling the woman to give her some time,so she could accomplish her mission in our family,she also told the woman to be understanding with her for she has done well by donating my man Hood to group,that was when I became so scared.

I quickly ran back to the room without making any sound, after some time she came back to the room and slept off.

The following day I called for a family meeting,that was when I exposed everything to everyone what I just saw last night,my wife was so surprised how I find out about this,I asked her why did she do this to me,I loved you so much why will you do this?

She started asking me to forgive her.

Right now am confused about this,I loved my wife so much but now i don't know what to do.

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