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If You Are Sad, Then See These 28+ Memes

These funny memes have composed will make you laugh out your pain.

What do you think will happen next.

Husband of the year.

Reply as a visitor.

My wedding reception revenue.

I try to be nice person, but sometimes.

Who killed it.

How guys think they look vs How guys really look.

A cockroach last word to a man..." Kill me you know I make you wife scream in bed more than you".

Support the people around you with their business, patronize them you won't die.

True love is displayed in this photo. This man could have asked his wife to carry him too but he preferred to walk by himself.

Those of you who did this! How far?, Are you billionaire now?.

Some visitors are so brave, you offer them juice and they be like " I will drink after eating".

How photographers and camera men eat at parties and ceremonies.

What was the man saying?.

When you bring a girl to your house.

This is corn and I throw it, what can we call it?.

Guys help me beg NEPA to bring light , let me remove the film I was watching before my parents return.

Made in which country?.

When you come back from China or Europe at Airport.

Nail cutter lite.

When you are almost done with the dishes and someone add another plate.

Me and the boys going to the other class to take back our duster.

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