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16 Funny Pictures And Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

1. A police officer stretched out his hand for 50 nairas and the driver poured saliva in his hands. We are still settling the matter.

1. People do change when they start using the iPhone. It must be because of the apple, it changed Even as well.

3. One lady posted today "What can I do for you"? Her sister replied, " return my black pant".

4.Dating a broke guy is always somehow, you will be like "baby I'm hungry", he will reply " your own better, me I go soon die self".

5. Stay at home has caused a lot of confusion. How can a lady ask his boyfriend to give her 10k out of her bride price?

6. My neighbor is preparing Egusi soup with fufu, should I go and remind her that I packed her clothes when it was raining yesterday?

7. Hustle o brother, so that your friends will not say "I see that shirt, I know to say na him dey come".

8. Change your pant and bra before you enter the swimming pool, you will not listen, now water has turned to tea. I hate nonsense.

9. I have been dating a girl for 10 months now, but she has never requested money. Are you sure I am not dating a ghost?

10. Please, ladies, avoid those men that use to of their car in small traffic, you will not get 10 kobos from that relationship.

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