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When Someone In Front Of You On The Akara Queue Buys Everything On The Tray (See 20 Funny Memes)

We all love to spend time reading hilarious memes on the internet, so today, I bring you more than 20 funny memes which will really make you laugh hard. Let's jump right into it.

I am guilty of this every single time, I text someone, especially when the conversation is really funny, I cannot help, but laugh at some of the things I am typing.

For the record, this guy has not gotten over the girl at all. He still has feelings for the girl.

I think the reason for the knuckle cracking is to praise our self for how far we have come in writing the examination. Some of us crack our knuckles unintentionally, after we finish answering an examination question.

The pain is real.

They gave the guy slippers, instead of football boots. If I was in that boy's shoes, I will not collect the prize at all.

This meme really cracks me up anytime I come across it online.

Trust me when I say this, I really understand what it means for you to spend time waiting for your turn in the akara queue and then someone will just come and buy all the akara on the tray, which means the woman selling the akara will have to fry some more, so you have to wait longer.

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