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"I will rather wash a whole house than wash this"- See the Photo that got many People's reaction

During those days that we use to wash plates, they were some kind of plates that we don't like to wash. The main reason for this was that they will take our time and we will find it difficult to wash.

I could remember whenever I was washing plates and such plates were inside, I will hiss and complain while washing it.

These kind of plates are among those that will give you headache while washing it and sometimes you will feel like throwing them away.

A Facebook User posted these photo online, and they reactions and comments the photo had were hilarious. Check out some of the reactions below.

The comments are really funny. For me, one trick that I used in washing these kind of plates was to soak them in hot water and make use of detergent.

If you make use of soap in washing these kind of plates, you will not get the desired result. It's not easy to get the oil off this plate. But with hot water and detergent, you will definitely get your desired result.

So how do you wash this kind of plate in your home? Or do you use them and throw them away?

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