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"We are lesbian sex partners" Remember mother and daughter that went publicly to announce this.

Mary and vertasha, that is what they are called. They were so bold enough to announce to the public that they are sexually attracted to each other.

The mother and daughter lesbian lovers has truly set the world record and have shocked the world with their revelation not minding the consequences and discriminations that would befall them, well I think they must have thought of that before deciding to go openly.

In order to justify their alliance, the mother , Mary said she knew vertasha (daughter) and her were both attracted to each other since she(daughter)was sixteen, but we have decided to have sex until she was eighteen.

Vertasha seems to be happy with the relationship as well saying her mum is still her mum , she does normal mum stuff for her like; buy her clothes, food and even ask her to make her bed , we just happen to enjoy having sex with each other .

They are encouraging others who might be in relationship like theirs to feel confident and okay about coming out, they want the world to know they love each other as mother and daughter and romantically .

Now Susan and Electra Hamilton another mother-daughter lesbian couple said they have been inspired by Mary and vertasha and they have stepped out into the spotlight as well.

Are they actually on the right track?

Feel free to say your mind and don't forget to like and follow me up for more interesting articles.

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