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Do you remember the following popular Kid’s TV shows and Cartoons?

In this article we would rolling back the years and calling to remembrance, those popular TV shows that once dominated our childhood days. These shows have since been cancelled or stopped airing but it made growing up fun compared to the kid’s show we have these days. Hold your handkerchiefs as we go down the nostalgic ride.

Pinky and the Brain

Who in the world didn’t watch the popular comedy cartoon involving two lab mice, Brain the short big headed one always devising plans to take over the world and Pinky the tall stupid mouse who gives us the comical aspect of the cartoon. Sadly the show was cancelled in 1999. However I bring you good news. Rob Paulsen, one of the Voice actors (Pinky) for the show announced this year that plans were already underway to bring back new episodes of the show. I definitely can’t wait!

Johnny Bravo

Yup he definitely makes it to the list. Johnny Bravo with his trademark long yellow hair, big muscles and his forever inability to get the ladies is what sums up the humorous cartoon. However after four seasons, the cartoon about the chronic womanizer ended airing.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The popular cartoon on Cartoon Network involves a genius inventor with a secret lab in his room and his constant annoying older sister, Dee Dee always intruding in his inventions. This was a kid’s favorite definitely. It sadly came to an end after running for four consecutive seasons.

Barney and Friends

I can bet you definitely sang to one of the melodious tunes of Barney and Friends, drop those shoulder of yours and tell us the truth. The show was sort of a ‘Game of Thrones’ kind of series amongst children. The popular Barney with his friends, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff made waves with not just their great acting but also their amazing songs. The show ran for 14 seasons.

The Flintstones

Words can’t describe how great this cartoon was. The humor was all encompassing that both children and adults found it interesting and entertaining. Fred and his wife Wilma, living in the Stone Age all made it fun for us. The series started as far back as 1960 but after an amazing six seasons it ended in 1996.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Have you ever watched a cartoon filled with so much horror and comedy together that kids find so interesting to watch? It is definitely Courage. Fun, exciting but majorly scary this cartoon is indeed unique in its taste. After a brilliant four seasons, it ended in 2002. We want it back badly

Top Cat 

Top cat aka TC was a cat who together with his friends, engaged in all sorts of activities in search of quick money but still kept eye on a police officer who always caught them. A very decent show I must admit.

Kids Next Door 

This was also a hit cartoon on the airways. The amazing five kids had a treehouse where they invent stuff they use in fighting adults. The popular show aired for 10 years and was sadly brought to an end in 2008

Ed, Edd and Eddy

This three mischievous boys known for their acute stupidity in the teen neighborhood got laughs into young boys and girls watching the show. The show also aired for 10 years. A joy to watch really.


Who would have imagined a cat and dog joined together would be this entertaining? The Cat obviously the smart one longs for fame and money while the Dog, quite stupid enjoys running after garbage. The popular nickelodeon cartoon was no doubt a kid’s favorite.

Well there you have it on the list today. Thank God for YouTube that we always can run to view these popular shows. So what do you make of this list? Can you remember any of these shows? Was there any show you think that deserved to be here? Share us your thoughts. 

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