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Event Organizers Must Identify Hazards When Planning - Expert

An event emergency expert, Balogun Azeez has advised event organizers and planners to be safety conscious and learn to identify potential hazards in the course of planning their events.

This advise comes on the heels of a recent incident where an hip hop singer, Alimi Abiodun a.k.a MC Bio was electrocuted while on stage at the Gateway ICT Polytechnic in Ogun State.

Commenting on the issue, Balogun who doubles as the CEO of Event Emergency, an event support company, said "Organizers of an event have the prime responsibility for the health and safety of all involved in the activities from the performing artists to employees, guests and to members of the public."

"When planning an event, it's imperative to ensure the safety of all those involved. Good planning and organization is essential to keep you, your workers and public safe.

"By having good planning processes event organizers can easily identify potential hazards, determine risk and then eliminate them to minimise their impact. They must ensure safety is their number one priority.", he added.

According to Balogun, the following are to be noted when organizing an event to ensure safety:

Risk assessment: This as the overall process where potential hazards or risk factors that have the potential to cause harm are identified. Followed by finding appropriate ways to eliminate the hazard, or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated.

Flooring: Must be strong enough to withstand appropriate weight. 

Dimension: Is it the right size for the event? (a proper stage must have adequate leg/ walk room). 

Backdrop: Is it secured/ fastened? And if there are beams, are all items fastened properly? Is it the right beam or headroom etc..

The event safety expert also advised event organizers to always provide first aiders for their events as part of their emergency plan while also conducting risk assessment and crowd management.

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