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Husband and wife relationship

Any Woman Who Can Do These To A Man Is A Wife Material

Women should have this traits below, else they will free their sweethearts to other women, and that may bring desire and contempt among them. 

1. Women should wash the clothes of there man regularly

2. Women should ensure they don't request money constantly from a man

3. If you are a young lady cook tasty food for a man

4. Girls ensure you regard your man regardless of the condition 

5. Women should consistently get together with the fulfillment of their individual beaus whenever and quickly. 

6. Attempt to be timely whenever he calls you, give him greatest attention. 

I realize no one is great, yet once you do this things precisely your man will love you until the end of time. 

Note: The image above is used for representation reason and not to abuse the law of this stage. 

As a man ensure you do this things and as a young lady consistently value men who does this. 

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