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7 Korean dramas that are yet to be released

As the month is over half to an end, there are many highly anticipated Korean dramas that are yet to be released. Here we look at the dramas that are scheduled to be released this month.


The drama tells the story of rangers who work on the Jiri mountain national park.

Seo-Yi Gam is a ranger who knows in and out of the Jiri mountain, including where to climb on the mountain. On the other hand Kang-Hyun Jo was a rookie ranger in Jiri Park who graduated from military academics and has a secret that cannot be told to anybody.

The two work together to rescue the survivors and lost trackers around Jirisan park.

Inspector Koo

It follows the story of a woman in her 40s who was once a police officer, but now works as a private investigator. With her excellent ability she digs into a mysterious serial murder case completely disguised as an accident.


Chimera is the thriller mystery drama that tells the story of serial explosion and murder case called Chimera.

Cha Jae-Hwan is an enthusiastic detective. Eugene was once an FBI and now works as a criminal profiler. Lee-Joong Yeob was a surgeon. The three get involved in the case and have different reasons to chase the truth behind the case.

My name 

The story revolves around a woman whose father suddenly dies. As a result, she desperately wants to take revenge on whoever is responsible for her father's death, which eventually leads her to join a gang to uncover the reason behind his sudden death, then goes undercover as a cop.

Crime puzzle 

Tells the story of the popular professor at the police university as well as a forensic psychologist who confesses about killing his girlfriend's father and other people. He eventually receives life in prison for his crimes. But his girlfriend who works as a criminal profiler does not believe in his confession, and has to look into the case.


The drama tells the story of married couples with their six year old daughter named Hee-soo, the family who were busy but enjoying happy times together. But suddenly Hee-soo died in a car accident. Which makes her parents experience tremendous grief over their loss. But with the help of a virtual reality program they are able to meet their daughter again.

Would you like a cup of Coffee? 

The Korean drama is about Kang Ko-Bi who is a rookie barista. He is full of passion about coffee, who jumps into the world of coffee with just passion alone and becomes an apprentice to coffee master Park Suk, at the same time meets various people and provides them with comfort.

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