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"I Don't Believe In Jesus And The Bible Is Just A Story Book"-Rapper Agbeshie(Video)

A Ghanaian Rapper identified as, Agbeshie made a very uncommon revelation to an Interviewer yesterday after he was asked of his opinion on Jesus, God and the Bible. The Wrowroho hitmaker stated his view and confidently made it clear that he does not believe in the Christian theory of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

When the Rapper was asked about his belief in God, he answered by saying he believes in God and a spirit that created him but he doesn't believe in Jesus, who many people claim to be the saviour of the World. He also tendered his opinion on the Bible as the words of God and said that he does not believe in the Bible, because it's only a Book that should be rated like other Books.

The Rapper also said that he doesn't go to Church, so all the Church beliefs and concepts have no effect on him. When asked about what he does in his Day to day life, he said, he wakes up and then acknowledge his Creator, thank him and move on with other activities.

Video: "I know a Spirit created me, but I don't believe in Jesus, and the Bible is Just a Book"- Ghanaian Rapper, Agbeshie said at the 27th of the 31 minutes interview.

Every Man with his own Faith and belief, for this freedom of choice in religion and ability to do whatever that works with the law, one can't question his choice. It's his, to do the right and be true to his conscience and do necessary things that will make him a righteous man, in face of his fellow humans.

For some, there is Jesus and for some others, he doesn't exist, however, the truth lies in the conscience of individuals and everyone will have to make the one that suits his soul or the one that seems right in synchronization with their true conscience.

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Agbeshie Agbeshie( Ghanaian Wrowroho


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