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Between Zara and Roshni, Who's Most Beautiful? (See Pictures)

Zee World is an Indian broadcasting TV channel. It is widely known for it's succulent and thrilling dramas, soap operas, and reality TV shows. Zee World Actress are no doubt filled with beauty. But in this article, we'll be considering beauty contest between Zara (Eisha Singh) and Roshni (Nia Sharma).

Eisha Singh is an Indian Actress, born on the 24th of December 1998. Eisha Singh portrayed the role of Zara in the zee world television series (Zara Nikah). Eisha is no doubt a gorgeous lady who bring smile to the viewers comfort zone. Zara is the youngest actress in the zee world industry, and Ialso an award winner. Zara (Eisha Singh) has won a golden Patel award, 2018 zee rishtey award; for social swagger, 2019 international iconic award, and a lot more.

Nia Sharma is an Indian Actress, born on the 17th of September 1990. Nia Sharma played the role of Roshni Patel khurana. Roshni (Nia Sharma) is not just an actress, she is a well known model who has made a remarkable achievements for herself. Nia Sharma was once awarded and crowned most beautiful woman in Asia. Roshni is also an award winner, winning over 5 different awards. Nia Sharma net worth is estimated to be about $1.5million.

What's your take; Who do is more beautiful ?

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