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Opinion: Recommended Action series to watch this week

Hey guys, welcome back to another interesting content from this media. In this article I would be revealing to you two (2) action series you can watch this week to keep yourself entertained. Encourage us by commenting and following this media.

1. Gangs of London 


If you’re not a massive fan of Guy Ritchie or Vinnie Jones a new show called Gangs Of London might sound a bit off putting. Do yourself a favor and ignore those instincts. This is comfortably one of the very best shows Sky, or indeed anyone, has released in some time. A massive, cinematic epic, this show is likely to be talked about in the same breath as Game Of Thrones for it’s incredible scale, complex politics and its sense that any character could be killed at any moment. 

Gangs Of London is about organised crime in the capital, for sure, but it’s a million miles from your average geezer-pleaser. You don’t have to have any interest whatsoever in gangsters to get hooked on Gangs Of London. But you do have to have a strong stomach for violence.

A nine-episode series, the pilot is feature-length and directed by the show’s co-creator (with Matt Flannery) Gareth Evans, the Welsh director behind The Raid films which brought the Indonesian martial art pencak silat to Western audiences. In it we’re introduced to the Wallaces, the most important criminal family in London.

Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney) and his right hand man Ed Dumani (Lucian Msamati) built the business from scratch but now their empire is in disarray. Finn has been assassinated and it falls to his son Sean (Joe Cole) to find out who ordered the hit and get the Wallace house in order.

Spoilers ahead for Gangs of London series one. Ever since its release on April 23, critics and viewers have been raving about Sky Atlantic's Gangs of London.

The new crime drama follows Sean Wallace (played by Joe Cole), a smartly dressed gangster seeking revenge after his father is murdered by an unknown enemy. Full to the brim with blood and bullets, this new series is not for the fainted hearted, but if you've managed to stomach all nine episodes, you may be itching to know: when is Gangs of London back for season two?

2. Warrior nun 


Contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season 1 The first season of Warrior Nun from series creator Simon Barry (Ghost Wars, Bad Blood) has finally dropped on Netflix, and the demon-fighting adaptation of Benn Dunn's cult hit comic, Warrior Nun Areala, doesn't disappoint. 

For fans of the source material, the streaming series is more "inspired by" Dunn's work than it is a rote adaptation. Instead of following Dunn's classic protagonist Sister Shannon Masters, Warrior Nun makes the bold choice to open with Shannon's death and a literal passing of the halo to a new character, Ava, played with understated charm by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista. 

The comic series, from indie publisher Antarctic Press, launched back in 1994, and immediately ginned up Da Vinci Code levels of outrage for its irreverent depictions of the Catholic church and risqué take on the traditional nun's habit. The series principally concerns a fictional military arm of magical warrior nuns called the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS). 

The OCS was founded in 1066 at the height of the Crusades by the Valkyrie Auria who renounced paganism and adopted the Christian name Areala. Dunn's Shannon Masters is an avatar of Auria-Areala.  

Much of this lore is repurposed by Barry for Warrior Nun, though often in surprising ways. The show's complex mythology starts unfolding at an accelerated pace by season's end, culminating in an action-packed finale that pushes each of the show's three disparate plot threads to a satisfying climax without really resolving any of them.

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