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Short Jokes To Cheer Up Your Mood

Good day readers of Opera Hub.

I have some funny jokes to cheer your mood. These interesting jokes will boost your humour pack. Sit tight and laugh your sorrows.


Avoid guys that always turn off their cars in every small traffic, sister u will not get even one naira from that relationship.


You can never know the real voice of a girl until she is being chased by a dog.


You think that break-up between boyfriend and girlfriend is the greatest pain ? have u ever been separated from the person u are about to copy answer from in an examination hall ?


I knew the economic state is worse when I heard someone pricing NEPA BILL...

He was like "Bros abeg how much for low current"?


You will never know u have kung-fu skills until cockroach run over your body.


Some guys can really form. Carrying laptop bag with ludo inside...Bros u are doing yourself.


Those who dress smartly and smell fine but wear wristwatch that isn't working are among the problem we face in Nigeria.


Is better you keep silent, because anything you say will be used against you in the court of law. "move it" That's the only English they will tell you here.


My fear for Aboki weed increased when my friend sold his television to buy the remote.


No one is as humble as a customer coming to buy on credit, he will be like"give me the fresh pepper for hand, save ur nylon".


Dear guy, if you are sitting next to a beautiful girl in a taxi and she starts smiling at you, don't smile back, I repeat don't smile back until she pays her taxi fare.


And some girls be like, "If I'm gone, you'll never find any girl like me" who says I want another one like you.


Don't be a boring wife, sometimes joke with him tell him that the kids are not his own.


When people say they can't see anything good in you, hug them and say SORRY MY DEAR, LIFE IS DIFFICULT FOR THE BLIND.


Since Vision 2020 has been deleted, can we now start Dreaming of 2021 ?


Am not really happy with the speed of my neighbor's chicken. Ah! nearly knack my head for concrete today.


Have you ever trekked so much 

That your shadow left you and entered

Keke ?


Have you ever been so hungry that after eating a biscuit you start reading the ingredient ?


If you want to know a female mosquito, it will always fly around your wallet.


Whoever invented PILLOW, that person deserve a place in heaven. That thing is multipurpose for We singles, coz we have something to hug & cuddle at night.


Today could have been my son's birthday but I used a condom. Junior mum loves you wherever you are.

Follow me for more. Do not forget to share these jokes to your loved ones on WhatsApp etc. Comment your opinion.

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