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My Encounter with the river goddess at the River Nile [fiction]

This is fictional story and unrealistic please take note

My name is John what am about to share with you is unrealistic.

It was a bright and sunny day, I was at home alone, feeling tired, so I decided to go to the river Nile, to have mine bath. From my house to the river is just 50km.

After about some minutes , I arrived at the river, so I pull off my cloth and I jump inside the river, the water was cool, so I began to wash myself.

After about some minutes, I was done taking my bath. As I was about to come out of the river, I saw a girl swimming , I watch her for some minutes, she was so beautiful. I called out to her, but she just smiled and she kept on swimming without minding me. I decided to swim towards her direction. I swim for about 5min but I wasn't getting close to her. She kept on swimming further. I can't resist her beauty ,so I never give up . I kept on swimming. After about some hours, I could no longer see her again. All I notice was that I was already at the middle of the river. I could feel someone touching my legs beneath the water. So I decided to go underneath to see what touch my legs. At first I couldn't see clearly only fishes, then I saw the girl, she smiled and I asked me to follow her. I notice I could breath underneath of the water. I kept swimming ......To be continued

First 100 comments, I will complete the story

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