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The 21st Century Men Of God! The Giver And The Poor.

Do you know? When you give material things to men of God, you are automatically been blessed. It's not the law, so whether you do it or not you are not condermed. When you give in love and appreciation, you don't start nose poking to see what they did with it, its left between them and God who sees what happened in secret, if they misuse it, He(God) is the judge.

Men of God should also help the poor, set good examples by giving charity and all of that, we must also understand it's not something we supervise and it's not what they were called to do. It's simply a duty we all called as humans! To love and show it.

They sow seeds of the word of God in you, they minister the word that transform your everyday life. They build you up spiritually, which also changes the results you experience physically.

They give you what they have as men of God, they have been appointed to feed you with the word, this is assignment God has given them. It is not too much to give to men of God, the mor you do this, the more you are charging them to be more blessing to you.

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21st Century Men Of God


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