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5 Realistic Ways to Make Your Woman Happy Without Spending Any Money

It’s obvious that 97% of women today can’t be pleased dating a poor guy who have no money to spend on them in one way or the other. You will also agree with me that 92% of the aforementioned type of women will not even accept to date you if they know you are not as rich as they want. Then, should men who are not rich don’t love?

In this country, many believe a man must first secure the bag to sustain a successful relationship. But mind you, a successful relationship is not as a result of money. Any relationship built on money will surely collapse. Can money buy happiness?

Being broke and being in love is not always a bad thing. While many ladies claim they can’t date or marry broke(poor) guys, there are those that don’t mind doing so. That you don’t have a job or you are poor at the moment does not disqualify you from being in love. As a matter of fact, we see money as everything but trust me, money might be the third essentials in a relationship. Are you one of those who wants to please their woman even without having money?

 Here are five ways you can make your woman happy without spending a penny:

1. Give a Brighter Picture of Yourself:

When travelling to a place you’ve never being before, you will prefer having the picture of where you are going rather than just knowing the location. You will make your woman happy when you give her a brighter picture of yourself, that is, show her the skills you possess that can convince her you are the best even though you are broke. Assure her of things you will do for her when you win big. By doing this, her faith in you might be redeemed.

2. Be Concerned About Her Future:

Prioritizing your plans for her in the future is one of the best way to make her happy always. I do not mean you should make promises you will not be able to fulfill in the future. Strengthen her hope in you by making her plans one of your goals, and show your seriousness by working towards it.

3. Ensure You Are Real Always:

What overturns a lady’s love for you is if she discovers you are living a fake life. She feels like she is being played or deceived. Do not live a fake life, let her know your worth and be real always.

4. Discuss Critical Issues of Your Life with Her:

This is very essential because she might be a problem solver and will also make her happy.

5. Provide Other Necessities of Love:

Aside money, there are other things women cherish. Little things matter to them, such as, a listening ear, maximum attention, care, quality time, sincerity, wholehearted and unconditional love and so on. These necessities are very essential therefore, never back down in showing them.


Do you believe these tips can be essential in making your woman happy without money? What can a broke man do to make a woman happy? Or is there any other we didn't suggest? Please make suggestions or leave a comment.

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