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17 Nigerian Memes That Will Make You Forget Your Sorrows

Once upon a time when rats used to fear the house owner. Nowadays, if they see you moving towards the kitchen and they are also heading towards the kitchen, believe me whoever get there first owns the food.

Adam and Eve ate apple and life is hard like this. What if they had eaten pepper?

How can you say some girls are physically fit because they run from one guy to another not because they attend gyms.

Exam immediately after ASUU strike, so you carry Orijo, now the invigilator is sitting behind you!

Back in secondary school when teachers forget they gave us assignment and you know you didn't do it, then one I too know idiot reminds them.

Being the first born in a Nigerian home, any bad thing that happens or anything that gets spoil or that goes missing is automatically your fault!!

You wouldn't know how difficult life is until a bus conductor puts his armpit over your face while collecting his money.

It is Nigeria that you will share your problem with them and they will hiss and bring forth their suffering too as if you are doing trade by barter.

When a man marries the wrong woman, the devil leaves him alone because he's finished.

Arguing with a lady is like reading a software license agreement, in the end you have to ignore the contents and click on "I Agree "

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